straight paddle (order)
straight paddle (order)
straight paddle (order)

straight paddle (order)

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■ It will be a made-to-order product. We will tailor and ship within 2 months after receiving the order.
■ We will send you a formal order mail after tailoring.

A paddle shaped like a ruler.

An item that contains a thin core material that can be used hard.

It is a dish that everyone who owns will like.

The leather is Liscio from Badarassi Carlo, an Italian tanner. If you use the finest leather, you can naturally make good quality products.

For the wood edge (cut surface of leather), repeat the process of "file"-> "dyeing"-> "polishing agent application"-> "rubbing enough to heat" little by little while increasing the number of files.

By doing this, you will get a natural wood edge with a shine that is different from the wood edge that is just coated with resin.

In addition, a "makeup twist" is drawn between the edge of the wood and the seam.

You can see it in high-quality items such as Hermes, but you rarely see makeup twists in Japan.

The seams are carefully sewn at a glance with hemp thread soaked with beeswax.

straight paddle (order)